Property Services

JSA Property Pty Ltd provides expert property advice and support as an in-house service. We work for you and help you achieve your overall plan. That’s right, a property professional who’s on your side. Just like all service offerings within the JSA Group “Our mission is to enhance the financial well being of our clients through the provision of quality and innovative advice, delivered by a team of qualified and motivated professionals. Our clients’ success is our success…” As our aim is to support you in your specific situation we work in different ways to help you achieve your specific goals – or even help you set those goals. Whether education, advice on transactions, portfolio management or complete development project management services we can help you.

JSA Property Pty Ltd can help you with:
  • Property Investment
  • First Home Buyers
  • Portfolio Management
  • Development Project Assessment
  • Development Project Management
  • Up sizing or Down sizing
  • Purchases or Sales
  • SMSF Property Purchases
  • General Property Education or Advice

JSA Property Pty Limited represented by: Mark Scott , Director Real Estate Licence Number No. 20047839 and Steven Leonard, Senior Consultant, Real Estate Licence No. 20242759

Client Case Studies

Below are just a few client case studies, if you’d like us to look at how we can help you achieve your goals talk to us today.

Profitable Advice after going it alone Julie and Charlie first talked to me about investing in mid 2009. They’re professional couple who have done the right thing by paying off their house and are looking to retire inside 10 years. They had tried to go it alone and work with a property strategy to create weath. To their credit they had invested considerable time and money in courses to help then. Unfortunately the strategy worked for the education provider but not for them. Julie and Charlie committed to doing a renovation and the short story is they ended up losing around $80,000. Meeting with me I suggested they consider building a dual occupancy on a large block in an area marked for expansion due to mining growth. The dual occupancy would accelerate their growth and help in the retirement strategy that is coming up quickly. Initially they were hesitant because they wanted to return to their renovating strategy and learn from their past experiences. But after a few months they came back to me. We created a plan together. I helped them secure a block and a builder who I negotiated a full ‘turn key’ package with a fixed price contract. We made sure we had the right support team by securing the services of a finance broker, accountant and property manager. The bottom line came out very nicely for the Bevans with a $120,000 capital gain after 12 months. Tenants where in within a couple of weeks and the rent is now generating around 8% of their purchase price. That means it’s cash positive.
Julie and Charlie

Busy Professionals aiming to improve work life balance Helen and Jeremy started their investing journey with us over 8 years ago. They’re both busy professionals who were looking to secure their future. They also wanted to build-in some ‘buffer’ in their life so that they could spend more time with their young son as a family. We set about finding the pieces of the puzzle that would create the future they have planned. That journey started with 2 units in Cessnock. A quick equity jump over the next couple of years made it easier to get into the next property at Aberglasslyn. As time went by they have acquired 7 properties;

  • Cessnock – 2 units
  • Abderglasslyn – house
  • Muswellbrook – house
  • Narrabri – house
  • Tamworth – 2 houses

Now Helen and Jeremy have a solid foundation and are able to stop working whenever they choose. They now have Wednesdays off work to spend as a family.

Helen and Jeremy
Property investment through SMSF The Barretts, a young couple from Qld, decided to set up their own super fund at the end of 2008. Shortly after, they used their fund to purchase a property. They invested $70,000 from their SMSF balance and also arranged a loan for them allowing them to buy a new $299,000 property in the Hunter Valley of NSW. 4 years on and the property has increased in value by $70,000. Essentially doubling their initial investment. Or a 100% increase. Meanwhile the average total increase for Australian super funds over that 4 year period has been a total of 6.2%. So the Barretts 100% improvement is 16 times better than what they would likely to have received if they left things how they were. At the same time, the rental income meant they were actually making a surplus income on the investment after they paid the loan interest. So the super balance was further enhanced by this surplus as well as their employer’s contributions (as it should). All this has lead them to now considering another property purchase. The Barretts will continue to use their trusted advisors because the results are clear – it works. Many property markets across Australia have seen flat or negative results over the same period so getting the right property, in the right place and at the right time is something they leave to the experts. So if you’d like some help getting the right property for your SMSF contact us now!
The Barretts