Money Matters Edition 1, 2019

05/03/2019 Blog

In this edition: The dangers of over-reliance on dividends for income Why your bucket list needs a Plan B How Australia’s Medical Research Future Fund will transform healthcare China reforms… read more →

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Money Matters Edition 4, 2018

19/12/2018 Blog

In this edition: Why super fund default insurance is not always a ‘super’ option Rising global inequality becomes an issue for investors Australia’s burgeoning tech sector brings new investment opportunities… read more →

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Protecting our ‘good health’

10/10/2018 Blog

The concept of ‘good health’ is not as straightforward as it used to be. What is considered ‘good health’ varies from one person to another. So while 85 out of… read more →

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Money Matters Edition 3, 2018

21/08/2018 Blog

In this edition: Check-up checklist: staying healthy at every age Five lessons from the Federal Budget Life insurance industry’s new mental health focus: create wellness rather than just treat illness… read more →

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Money Matters Edition 2, 2018

27/06/2018 Blog

In this edition: A (sea) change is as good as a holiday – Could a move be the answer to the retirement you want? Avoiding the debt trap – to… read more →

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Matrix Planning Solutions named 2018 Licensee of the Year for the second consecutive year!

06/06/2018 Blog

Data insights company, CoreData Research has named Matrix Planning Solutions as the 2018 Licensee of the Year for the second consecutive year, commending the group’s commitment to helping advisers adapt… read more →

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Salvation Army – Red Shield Appeal

25/05/2018 Giving Back

The Salvation Army is about giving hope where it’s needed most. It’s a pretty broad statement, but we’re a pretty diverse bunch. Across the country we’re engaged with every demographic… read more →

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What costs are involved with a move into Aged Care facilities?

16/05/2018 Blog

For advice, contact our accredited specialist Aged Care team…

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Marriage equality’s impact on super

02/05/2018 Blog

> Marriage equality’s impact on super The Marriage Act 1961 was amended late last year to permit any two unmarried people aged 18 years or older to get married, regardless… read more →

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Speak to our Financial Planning Specialists today

18/04/2018 Blog

Do you have a strategic financial plan for your future? Speak to our Financial Planning Specialists today.  Visit to find out more…

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Do you have a strategic financial plan for your future?

17/04/2018 Blog

Financial Planning is something we Australians are so good at putting off! Less than 7% of us retire financially independent. What you need is a financial planner to point you…… read more →

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Money Matters Edition 1, 2018

05/03/2018 Blog

In this edition: The business of being busy – if you want something done, don’t ask a busy person. Super changes for both the young and more mature. Grave decisions… read more →

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Money Matters Summer 2017/2018

14/12/2017 Blog

In this edition: Life insurance protects our loved ones in their time of need but research suggests it takes a trusted partner to cover all bases. To make a success… read more →

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Money Matters Spring 2017

11/10/2017 Blog

Advice. Life. Investments. Superannuation and Retirement. In this edition we discuss tips for managing your cash flow, the new digital payments system, coping with deadlines, salary sacrificing, and our regular… read more →

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Money Matters – Winter 2017 (Issue 50)

17/07/2017 Blog

In our Winter 2017 issue we tackle the subjects of Ethical Investing, Bridging the Gender Financial Gap, Is your most valuable asset exposed?, Warming up for Winter together with our… read more →

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Matrix Planning Solution wins coveted Licensee of the Year Award

26/06/2017 Blog

Matrix Planning Solutions has won the prestigious 2017 Licensee of the Year Award, cementing the group’s position as Australia’s leading group for professional, client-centric financial advisers. The Licensee of the… read more →

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Is it time to catch up about your super?

01/06/2017 Blog

Checklist: Changes to superannuation and Centrelink From 1 July 2017, there are a number of changes which may affect your superannuation. Use this checklist to see what things we need… read more →

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2017 Federal Budget – What’s in it for retirees and pre-retirees?

15/05/2017 Blog

The Budget contained few changes and surprises for retirees and pre-retirees, injecting some much-needed stability back into Australia’s superannuation and retirement system after years of constant tinkering. It’s important to… read more →

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How will the Budget affect young couples and families?

Young couples and families stand to benefit directly and indirectly from many proposed Budget measures including an additional $18.6 billion in federal school funding over the next decade, early childhood… read more →

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2017 Federal Budget Summary

11/05/2017 Blog

The Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has released his second Budget. The Financial Planning Association of Australia has released a comprehensive summary of key points below. 2017 Federal Budget  

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Older workers expect to retire with debt

04/05/2017 Blog

May 3, 2017 (Australian Associated Press) Almost half of older working Australians expect to retire with credit card, mortgage and bill debt after helping their children. REST Industry Super research… read more →

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Centrelink scam warning

13/04/2017 Blog

  If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Centrelink or the Department of Human Services, and demands money for increasing you pension or benefit, hang… read more →

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Monthly Market Review – February 2017

07/04/2017 Blog

Asset markets have generally rallied quite strongly in the prior three months, and over the full 12 months for the periods ending February 2017. The initial reaction of share markets to… read more →

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Money Matters (Issue 49)

In our Spring issue of Money Matters we address the following topics: Life events that can impact your super; Buying Insurance: Mistakes to avoid; The Financial Stages of Life; Time… read more →

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Managing a Lump Sum: Tax Minimisation and Investment

10/03/2017 Blog

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but, on some occasions, it may appear to come out of nowhere. Whether it’s in the form of a large payment from an employer, inheritance,… read more →

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Are you thinking about retiring this year?

02/03/2017 Blog

March 2, 2017 (Feedsy Exclusive) If you are planning to retire in 2017, you may be thinking about the tax you will have to pay on your retirement fund. There… read more →

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Eight steps for better cyber security…

16/02/2017 Blog

February 8, 2017 (Australian Associated Press) Businesses are being urged to take eight simple steps to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. The federal government has released what it says… read more →

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Money Matters (Issue 48)

22/12/2016 Blog

In our Summer issue of Money Matters we address the following topics: Refresh Your Financial Goals; Protecting the Value of a Homemaker; Superannuation Changes from 1 July 2017; Market Update….. Read… read more →

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Money Matters (Issue 47)

31/08/2016 Blog

In our Spring issue of Money Matters we address the following topics: Boosting Retirement Income; Life Insurance and Mental Health; The Missing Link in Financial Planning; Raising Stroke Awareness; Market… read more →

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Helping your parents plan for the unexpected

29/06/2016 Blog

Getting older is a fact of life and with any luck, we will all live to a ripe, happy and defiant old age, enjoying ourselves with loved ones, friends, children… read more →

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Sweeney & Co join forces with the JSA Group

23/06/2016 Uncategorized

Sweeney & Co Chartered Accountants are pleased to announce that they have joined forces with Charlestown and Newcastle based JSA Financial Group to broaden the services and specialist expertise they… read more →

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Another aspect to taking care of your children

22/06/2016 Blog

The role of parent is challenging in so many ways. We are all busy providing for our children’s health, safety, growth and development. We make sure we protect our lives,… read more →

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Women and superannuation: Tips for success

15/06/2016 Blog

When it comes to super savings, women in Australia are likely to have significantly less than men. The average Australian woman retires with around half the balance of the average… read more →

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Money Matters – Winter (Issue 46)

08/06/2016 Blog

In our winter issue we address the following topics: 2016/17 Budget Super Changes including changes to contribution caps and super pensions, Heart Foundation insights on improved health & financial protection, Focus on… read more →

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The Hidden Dangers of an Unplanned Estate

02/06/2016 Blog

While most of us are aware of the importance of making a Will, there are other estate issues that may not be so obvious and can have dramatic consequences on… read more →

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Don’t Gamble on Financial Advice

25/05/2016 Blog

In an age of information overload and pervasive social media it seems everyone has an opinion they want to share. Being able to discriminate between what is useful and what… read more →

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Federal Budget Summary 2016/2017

09/05/2016 Blog

The Coalition Government has moved away from a “pre-election” budget which traditionally includes increased spending in many sectors of the economy, to a budget that focuses heavily on superannuation tax… read more →

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Timing your investment decisions

06/04/2016 Blog

It is very easy to let emotion control our investment decisions when experiencing market volatility: especially when we are being bombarded with constant media coverage reporting gloomy performance and falling… read more →

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What is Market Volatility and how do I deal with it?

31/03/2016 Blog

In 2016, Share market volatility has become a daily part of news headlines.  The unusual volatility that has taken hold of financial markets in recent weeks is resulting in some… read more →

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What is TPD Insurance and do I need it?

16/03/2016 Blog

A serious injury or illness can make it difficult or impossible for you to continue to work. If this happens, you will need to find a way to support yourself… read more →

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Income Protection Insurance can be a real life saver!

08/03/2016 Blog

Have you thought about what would happen to you and your family if suddenly you found yourself unable to work? Would you be able to support your family if you… read more →

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Money Matters – Autumn (Issue 45)

In this issue we address the following topics: Life Changing Checkpoints, One guarantee you should always insist on, Demystifying the Aged Care maze, Enjoy the benefits of volunteering & Market… read more →

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Determining Your Life Insurance Needs

02/03/2016 Blog

If you need life insurance, it is important to know how much and what kind you need. Although generally renewable term insurance is sufficient for most people, you have to… read more →

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Why have Life Insurance … do I need it?

18/02/2016 Blog

Let’s start with a quick quiz: •  Are you married? •  Do you have dependent children? •  Do you have other dependent relatives? •  Do you have major financial obligations?… read more →

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Money Matters – Summer 2015/2016 (Issue 44)

14/12/2015 Blog

In this issue we address the following topics: Part-time work in retirement, Make sure your super passes into the right hands, Fighting melanoma, Keep your brain healthy, Market update …….…… read more →

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Making sure your Super goes where you intend it to

26/11/2015 Blog

Superannuation is a reality for all of us. The whole topic can be a minefield: potentially, one of the most confusing is the way in which your funds are distributed… read more →

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Tips for staying healthy as you age

19/11/2015 Blog

Coping with change is difficult, no matter how old you are. The particular challenge for adults over 50 is the sheer number of changes and transitions that start to occur—including… read more →

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Legal issues associated with retirement villages

12/11/2015 Blog

Buying into a retirement village is different from buying other residential property. The financial structures and legal titles can vary from village to village, so it’s important to talk to… read more →

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The Value of Advice

29/10/2015 Blog

Do the benefits really outweigh the costs? The value of financial planning goes beyond dollars and cents – it can simplify your life and give you a sense of security… read more →

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How to find a Financial Adviser worthy of your money

15/10/2015 Blog

You can certainly go it alone when it comes to managing your money. But you could also try to do it yourself when it comes to auto repair. In both… read more →

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Michael Williams – video profile

23/07/2015 Blog

Michael was appointed as a Director of JSA Financial Planning in January 2011 and has been operating as a Senior Financial Adviser since 2008. Michael’s educational qualifications and industry memberships… read more →

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Money Matters Spring 2015

09/07/2015 Blog

The recent financial gyrations in Greece and China have received a lot of exposure in the media and one could be forgiven for thinking that ‘the end is nigh’. While… read more →

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Money Matters Autumn 2015

12/11/2014 Blog

When you boil it down, financial planning is not about making money or investing or being wealthy; it is about enabling and empowering people to have a better lifestyle.  Lifestyle… read more →

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Matrix Planning Solutions merger with ClearView

06/11/2014 Blog

In October 2014, ClearView Wealth Limited acquired 100% of Matrix Planning Solutions Limited (Matrix). Prior to this, Matrix was owned by Matrix Advisers and staff. Matrix was started 15 years… read more →

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1 January 2015 changes to super pensions & social security benefits

05/11/2014 Blog

From 1 January 2015, income from superannuation pensions will be taken into account in determining whether you are eligible to receive the Age Pension (full or part payment) or the… read more →

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Cubbyhole Newcastle

28/08/2014 Uncategorized

THE CUBBYHOLE CONCEPT our concept is to build affordable work and storage spaces, designed to meet the growing demand from small business, online business, tradesman, hobbyists, artisans, start–ups and for… read more →

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An Important Update for 1 July 2014 if you are Salary Sacrificing

03/07/2014 Blog

Pre-tax contribution caps increase The concessional (pre-tax) superannuation contribution caps will increase to $35,000 for those aged 49 and over on 30 June 2014 and $30,000 for everyone else.   Remember… read more →

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SuperStream – what you need to know!

25/06/2014 Blog

What is SuperStream? SuperStream is a government reform to improve the superannuation system handling of information and payments.  This new data standard imposes changes to the way employers are making… read more →

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7 tips and 3 tests to help save you tax dollars

27/04/2014 Blog

7 tips and 3 tests to help save you tax dollars    By Peter Lowe, JSA Group It is hard to believe but we are rapidly approaching the end of… read more →

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Tour Route 66 EXCLUSIVE Offer for JSA Group Clients!

Our friends at Jayes Travel have a very special offer for JSA Group clients with their upcoming Route 66 Tour – whether you have been to the USA or not,… read more →

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Australian Taxation Office

28/03/2014 Helpful Links

ATO are the principal revenue collection agency of the Australian Government, the Australian Taxation Office also delivers various social and economic benefit and incentive programs.

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27/03/2014 Helpful Links

Compare interest rates & financial products for some of the best value Australian home loans, credit cards, credit card rewards, savings accounts, term deposits, car insurance, home and contents insurance,… read more →

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26/03/2014 Helpful Links

Centrelink delivers payments and services for retirees, the unemployed, families, carers, parents, people with disabilities, Indigenous Australians, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and provides services at times… read more →

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25/03/2014 Helpful Links

Established in 1985 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:CGF) in 1987, Challenger Limited (Challenger) is an investment management firm managing more than $48.8 billion in assets*. Challenger is… read more →

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24/03/2014 Helpful Links

Lifewise is an initiative of the Australian life insurance industry aimed at addressing the issue of underinsurance. Despite the fact that almost every working Australian has a level of life… read more →

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Matrix Planning Solutions

23/03/2014 Helpful Links

Matrix Planning Solutions Limited is an Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL) & Credit Licensee (ACL) with over 100 financial planners throughout Australia. Through this network, we provide strategic financial advice… read more →

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Money Smart

22/03/2014 Helpful Links

MoneySmart is an initiative of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. We offer you tips & tools to help you make the most of your money.

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My Aged Care

21/03/2014 Helpful Links

My Aged Care is a website and phone line to help you get clear and reliable information on aged care services. By using My Aged Care, you will be able… read more →

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Economic Update – RBA upgrade growth outlook

17/03/2014 Blog

March 2014 The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has supported the recent economic commentary regarding the emergence of more sustainable global growth.  Driven by the recovery in advanced economies, the… read more →

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Property investment statistics…

13/02/2014 Blog

Property Investment – the statistics. Owning an investment property in Australia may not be as common as you think. In fact according to The Australian Tax Office records, for last… read more →

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Retirement & Aged Care – what you need to know…

10/02/2014 Blog

Reforms to residential aged care If you would like to understand more about aged care options for yourself or your family our specialist Aged Care Team advisers Rosanna Rossi, John… read more →

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19/01/2014 Accreditation


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Financial Planning Association

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is Australia’s leading professional community of financial planners. The FPA has over 11,000 members, of which 8,500 are practising financial planners. As a professional association,… read more →

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Hunter Children’s Research Foundation

15/01/2014 Giving Back

Hunter Children’s Research Foundation was formed in 1996 to raise much needed funds for research into children’s terminal and…

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Hunter’s Kindest Companies

The Hunter’s Kindest Companies in an initiative run free of charge by LeapFrog ability to benefit the charity, Fair Go For Kids.

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Rotary International

Rotary International (also known as the Rotary Club) is an international service club whose purpose is to bring together business and…

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Lake Macquarie City Business Excellence Awards

The inaugural Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards are all about celebrating doing business in the City of Lake Macquarie.

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Five workouts to get you financially fit in 2014.

05/01/2014 Blog

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get you or your business financially fitter? Here’s a simple and easy set of workouts to help you achieve your goal. Just… read more →

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Is now a good time to buy an investment property?

Property’s Lucky 7, Or Should That Be Lucky 5? We all know that interest rates have been dropping over the last couple of years. In July of 2011 they were… read more →

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01/01/2014 Accreditation


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Chartered Accountants

The Chartered Accountant designation is the hallmark of a highly qualified, ethical accounting professional. It is highly regarded by business, regulators, and members of the public.As an industry leader and… read more →

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CFP certification is the highest level of certification that a financial planner can achieve. Internationally recognised, the CFP marks represent standards of excellence and demonstrate to the public and your… read more →

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Founded in 1927, MDRT provides its members with resources to improve their technical knowledge, sales and client service while maintaining a culture of high ethical standards.  MDRT qualifying members represent… read more →

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The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) is a national association representing finance and mortgage loan writers throughout Australia. In the interests of members and their clients, the FBAA monitors… read more →

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FleetPartners dates back to the 1980s, during which period the ANZ Bank formed 2 joint venture businesses – one focused on passenger vehicles and the other on commercial vehicles. The… read more →

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Financial Advice

30/12/2013 Services

Whether you are just starting out and wish to look at ways to increase…

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Accounting & Tax

08/12/2013 Services

At JSA Accounting Solutions, our goal is to assist our clients with…

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07/12/2013 Services

JSA Mortgages and Finance Pty Ltd provides mortgage and finance…

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Property Services

06/12/2013 Services

JSA Property Pty Ltd provides expert property advice and support…

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Novated Leasing & Finance

05/12/2013 Services

Novated Leasing is a flexible, cost effective and convenient way to…

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Life is expensive – Are you ready for the unexpected?

Protecting yourself through all stages of Life Disaster-proofing your financial situation is essential to protect those who depend on you. By using life insurance, income protection, trauma insurance and total… read more →

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Corporate Super

04/12/2013 Services

Does your Corporate Super measure up? It’s about time your…

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