Team / Sandra Teh

Sandra Teh

Sandra joined the JSA group in January 2019. Sandra has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) and is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA). She enjoys working alongside her clients and takes great pride in seeing their business/life flourish. Her main goal in life is to spread the knowledge of financial literacy and seeing clients being good stewards of their finances.

Outside of work, Sandra can be found cooking up a storm (but she absolutely does not cook the books!), park running/gymming, cafe/restaurant hopping and watching Netflix/anime/dramas. Sandra also loves travelling and volunteers at her local church.

Apart from English, Sandra is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia (which is almost similar to Bahasa Indonesia) and the Hokkien Dialect. She is also trying to learn both Japanese and Korean from all the anime and drama she watches.