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Roslyn is the Principal Lawyer and a Director of JSA Legal Solutions. She works exclusively in the area of Wills, Estates and Estate Planning. She has a Masters of Applied Law (Wills and Estates) and has broad experience in the area of Wills and Estates.

Roslyn works closely with clients to achieve their estate planning objectives.  She drafts Wills, ranging from the relatively straightforward to the more sophisticated Wills which create testamentary trusts. Testamentary trust Wills are tailored for each client’s particular family circumstances and desired outcomes. Most clients want to ensure that they provide their beneficiaries with the most tax-effective way of taking their inheritances. Many clients also want to ensure that beneficiaries’ inheritances are protected from predators and creditors. Some clients have vulnerable beneficiaries within their family group for whom protective trusts, capital reserved trusts or special disability trusts may be appropriate. Achieving a comprehensive estate plan for a client may include reviewing family discretionary trust deeds, company constitutions and self-managed superannuation fund deeds.  It may also include drafting a Binding Death Benefit Nominations which accords with the rules in the particular super fund deed. It is also important to address the possibility of clients needing an alternative decision maker sometime during their life therefore the preparation of an appropriate Enduring Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian can be critical.

Roslyn also acts for executors or administrators of deceased estates to obtain grants of Probate or Letters of Administration, including the calling-in of assets and distributions to the beneficiaries.

Roslyn also has experience with contested estates and therefore has an understanding of the various ways in which a Will may be challenged and what can be done to minimise the risk or prepare for such an eventuality.

Roslyn Pavey
Principal Lawyer
B Leg S, Master of Applied Law (Wills and Estates)

JSA Legal Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 54 628 164 750. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. All legal practitioners employed by JSA Legal Solutions Pty Ltd are members of the Scheme.

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