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The concept of ‘good health’ is not as straightforward as it used to be. What is considered ‘good health’ varies from one person to another. So while 85 out of 1001Australians say they’re healthy, the reality may be quite different.

Government statistics show that millions of Australians have a health-related condition that puts them into a ‘poor’ or ‘below average’ health category. In fact if we took 100 Australians, 19 would have a disability, 20 would have a mental health disorder and 50 would have at least one chronic disease.¹

These days we are inundated with information about the risk of getting all types of health-related conditions and the need for preventative measures like a change in lifestyle choices. The underlying reason for this is clear. On the surface Australians are living longer but the rates of disease and illness continue to increase.

The statistics paint a pretty bleak picture but taken together, they highlight the increasingly important role of life insurance. Insurance is all about assessing and managing risk. Life, trauma insurance, total & permanent disability and income protection are specifically concerned with the risk of becoming ill or dying. As you can see, the risks are quite significant.

This means that protecting our lives (and therefore our loved ones) with insurance is more relevant than ever. Being informed about the myriad health conditions is one thing, being aware of the associated risk factors – and taking steps to protect ourselves against those – is another.

Use this knowledge as an important first step to prevention.

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