Money Matters – Edition 3, 2019

Money Matters – Edition 3, 2019 In this addition: Beware the granny flat trap Five things you need to know about life insurance The drive for gender diversity picks up pace Home is where the tech is Markets continue to perform despite trade tensions and slowing economic growth Click here

Protecting what Matters – with Income Protection Insurance

Life is full of ups and downs. There are beautiful, positive moments but the bad times can weigh heavily on us. Unfortunately no one can predict the future, making it difficult to navigate life’s highs and lows. Fortunately, we’re not powerless to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the financial hardship often associated with […]

JSA Property Newsletter – Autumn 2019

JSA Property Newsletter So, the Federal Election has been announced for May 18. If you’ve made it to this second sentence well done because I reckon as soon as you read that first line you wanted to switch off. I was tempted to and I’m writing this stuff. Unfortunately the election result could prove to […]

Money Matters Edition 4, 2018

In this edition: Why super fund default insurance is not always a ‘super’ option Rising global inequality becomes an issue for investors Australia’s burgeoning tech sector brings new investment opportunities Time to ‘Shake It Up’ boosting research into Parkinson’s disease Markets maintain strength despite global trade tensions JSA Money Matters Edition 4, 2018 (click here)

Protecting our ‘good health’

The concept of ‘good health’ is not as straightforward as it used to be. What is considered ‘good health’ varies from one person to another. So while 85 out of 1001Australians say they’re healthy, the reality may be quite different. Government statistics show that millions of Australians have a health-related condition that puts them into […]

Money Matters Edition 3, 2018

In this edition: Check-up checklist: staying healthy at every age Five lessons from the Federal Budget Life insurance industry’s new mental health focus: create wellness rather than just treat illness Are you smart enough to time the market? Australian economy surges as markets remain solid JSA Money Matters Edition 3, 2018 (click here)

Money Matters Edition 2, 2018

In this edition: A (sea) change is as good as a holiday – Could a move be the answer to the retirement you want? Avoiding the debt trap – to ease the squeeze start planning now! 30 June Super opportunities – Great over the underinsurance problem – It’s becoming easier to pick the best policy […]

Matrix Planning Solutions named 2018 Licensee of the Year for the second consecutive year!

Data insights company, CoreData Research has named Matrix Planning Solutions as the 2018 Licensee of the Year for the second consecutive year, commending the group’s commitment to helping advisers adapt to regulatory change, implement new technologies and grow their businesses…

What costs are involved with a move into Aged Care facilities?

For advice, contact our accredited specialist Aged Care team…

Federal Budget 2018/2019… What the key changes mean for you…