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13/02/2014 Blog

Property Investment – the statistics.

Owning an investment property in Australia may not be as common as you think. In fact according to The Australian Tax Office records, for last year, only 1 in every 20 Australians own one or more investment properties (5.3% to be precise). Source ATO

Of those who do have an investment property the numbers look like:

  • 75% own One Property or 1 in 27 people
  • 18% own Two Properties or 1 in 100 people
  • 5% own Three Properties that’s 1 in 280
  • 2% own Six or more Properties a select group of 1 in every 1000 people

The point I’m trying to make is that the property investment numbers seem pretty low to me, given how Australians have traditionally felt comfortable with property. How all the richest lists you see around the place are full of people who’ve made or maintain their wealth through property investment.

Now I’m not suggesting more is necessarily better. For example, you may have 10 properties that have no equity, limited cash flow and plenty of headaches (Not good) Versus 1 property you own outright and produces great cash flow with no headaches (Better). The number of properties you should have will depend on your goals.

So I guess that’s where we need to start: you need some goals, some plans to reach them and some support to reach your goals. As the numbers above suggest, most people have no plan and no understanding – in fact most people have “No Idea”.

Make sure your property investment results don’t just rely on luck.

M. Scott

Mark Scott

Mark Scott is Director and Senior Consultant of JSA Property.  Mark joined JSA in 2013 bringing with him 25 years of property investing experience. He successfully ran his own licensed property advising business for 10 years before joining the JSA group. Mark supports JSA Group clients for all stages of the property investment process.  When you are investing in real estate it helps to have an expert on your side.

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